Perry Noble Responds to Celebrity Suicides, Urges People Not to Give Lectures on Hell

Perry Noble, pastor at Second Chance Church and formerly of NewSpring Church in South Carolina, has responded to the recent high-profile celebrity suicides by recalling how he too was close to taking his own life.

He said that believers should not give “lectures about eternal damnation” in such situations.

“There has been a lot on social today about suicide due to the fact that two high profile people chose to end their own lives this week. Reading about their choices absolutely broke my heart,” Noble said in a Facebook post last week.

While he did not mention them by name, much of America has been left shocked by the suicides earlier in June of top fashion designer Kate Spade, and later of popular chef and CNN personality Anthony Bourdain.

“Those who have been critical have obviously never experienced darkness so deep that the uncertainty of death is more appealing that the apparent certainty of a life dominated by pain,” Noble wrote.

“As someone who was at this point once — I completely understand how someone can lose hope and see no way out!”

Noble, who lost his job at NewSpring Church in 2016 following struggles with alcohol, admitted a year ago in July 2017 that one particular evening at a rehab in Arizona he planned and was ready to shoot himself.

“I had the spot picked out, I had the gun picked out, and I was going to literally take my own life,” the pastor candidly admitted in a Facebook video.

The night he was getting ready to take his own life, he heard God speak to him, however.

“It was the clearest I’ve ever heard His voice. He told me ‘I’m not finished with you yet,'” the pastor recalled.

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Source: Christian Post