LISTEN: Tragic 911 Call Over Bode Miller’s Daughter Who Died After Reportedly Being Underwater for ‘Several Minutes’

Bode Miller, wife Morgan, and their 4 children.
Bode Miller, wife Morgan, and their 4 children.

Bode Miller’s toddler daughter lost her life after falling into the next door neighbor’s pool on Saturday, where she went unnoticed for several minutes. has obtained the 911 call that was placed from a panicked woman who screamed ‘hurry’ to the dispatcher before giving her address and detailing what had happened to 19-month old Emeline Grier Miller.

A group of three to four people can be heard on the call in addition to the woman speaking directly to the operator, with one person noting that Emeline had been underwater for a ‘couple of minutes’ when they found her and another claiming they could feel a pulse after trying to resuscitate the toddler.

Later in the call a woman and man can both be heard offering encouragement, saying ‘breathe baby girl,’ while later a concerned man shouts out: ‘Get a f***ing ambulance here.’

That same man also demands ‘oxygen machines’ during the call, and can be heard coaching others as they try to resuscitate the child, who it is noted ‘looks pale’ and is ‘stiff’ during the call.

A little over two minutes into the five minute call, the child’s mother Morgan Beck begins the process of getting air into her daughter, shortly after multiple people note that a large amount of water is coming out of the girl.

The group was still working on Emeline when sirens could be heard in the background, signalling the arrival of the fire department.

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