Like Any Good Child, Blue Ivy Does Not Want to See Her Parents’ ‘Sexy Act’

Sara Emerson, who posted the clip, seems to have noticed a range of emotions from Blue during the night

There are few things more horrifying to a child — whether still young or all grown-up — than seeing his or her parents get a bit too sexy with one another. Yet for Blue Ivy Carter, that’s pretty much a nightly occurrence.

One might think that the six-year-old is used to seeing her mom and dad, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, get touchy-feely. But now there’s evidence that she’s very much not OK with it.

A new video captured at the performing duo’s recent On the Run II show in London this weekend zoomed in on the otherwise privileged little girl who reacts with dismay, disgust, and horror during a sexy video interlude at her parents’ concert.

The video was captured by Sara Emerson, a British Ticketmaster employee who attended the concert at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The clip shows Blue wearing a gray hoodie and standing next to a friend, who is wearing pink. It still appears to be light out, and they stare ahead at the stage.

Previous recordings uploaded from that night show Blue having a wonderful time, dancing and laughing a long with her friend — but this one captures a whole different range of emotions.

It’s unclear what exactly is going on during this particular part of the show, which includes sexy dance moves and some intimate pre-recorded videos of Bey and Jay.

One Twitter user has suggested that the screen was playing a video interlude of the couple in bed together.

Another has indicated that the videos actually show a scene from a video interlude in which strippers dance in a red light, and Beyoncé wears a skimpy lingerie ensemble while dancing for Jay-Z.

Either way, it’s clear little Blue does not want to see it. Though she is smiling the moment the clip begins, her face quickly falls. Her mouth turns into an exaggerated frown and her forehead wrinkles with discomfort.

She turns her head to the side, obviously trying to escape looking at the screen. Unsure of where to turn, she throws her hands up to cover her face before ducking quickly to hide behind a barrier and avoid catching any of the show.

Her friends seem oblivious and continues to watch as Blue hides. She then quickly peeks her head up to see if the segment is over, realizes it’s not, and drops to hide again.

After a few moments, she seems to think it’s over and comes back up to watch, but then something on the screen sends her hiding once again. When her friend looks down at her, Blue pulls a disgusted face.

Finally, after nearly a minute of despair, Blue finds it safe to come back up.

The clip has quickly gone viral on Twitter, where hundreds of people have commented on the little girl’s reaction.

‘Lol… poor baby wasn’t trying to be traumatized,’ wrote one. Another tweeted: ‘The panic was real.’

‘This looks like me whenever a sex scene came on in a film that I was watching with my mom, and I had to pretend that I didn’t know what sex is,’ joked another commenter.

This wasn’t the only moment of the night that Blue was not thrilled with her parents. According to fans, Blue appeared embarrassed when Beyoncé gave her a shout-out during the concert.

‘I am DYING at Blue Ivy in London last night. Waving to her fans, getting embarrassed when Beyoncé gave her a shout out. Imagine being like “GIRL… STOP” when Beyoncé shouts you out,’ wrote one on Twitter.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem that she was totally mortified the entire night, and did seem to be enjoying bits of the show.

Another attendee captured video of her dancing with her friend, with the two throwing their hands up in the air during one song. Blue then nudges her friend to show her how to throw up the roc, demonstrating the diamond hand symbol Jay-Z’s fans use (in reference to his record label Roc-A-Fella Records).

It’s hard to imagine that a child would think it’s anything but incredibly cool to have Beyoncé and Jay-Z as parents, but Blue has rolled her eyes over things they’ve done in the past.

At the Grammy Awards earlier this year, Blue’s reaction to her mom and dad went viral when the little girl used hand gestures to show them that it was time to stop clapping.

She sat between her parents, and seemed to think that the two had overdone it with their applause.

SOURCE: Daily Mail – Carly Stern