Karl Vaters: The Importance Of Doing lowercase ministry In An ALL CAPS World

There are a lot of voices yelling at us.

Stop that! Buy this! Do it now!

And it’s all accelerated by the device you’re currently using.

In such a loud, hurried world, it’s tempting to think that the only way to get our message and our ministry heard is to raise our voices above those around us.

So we yell our message louder, use bigger, bolder colors, and get angrier.

But all that does is make the gospel message appear like part of the problem, not an answer to it.

Why ALL CAPS Doesn’t Get The Job Done

If you spend any time on social media, you know that a message in ALL CAPS feels like yelling. It doesn’t make the content feel more important, just more obnoxious. It doesn’t draw you in, it pushes you away.

It’s the same with the way we express the truths of the gospel. When there’s an excess of noise, another yelling voice isn’t compelling, it’s irritating.

Plus, the message of the gospel is far more often a lower case message of hope, peace and truth than an uppercase message of PANIC, ANGER and FURY.

Certainly there are urgent themes to the message of Jesus. He implored us to “flee from the wrath to come!” and he had a handful of infamous tirades against hypocrisy, greed and pride.

But part of the reason those episodes stand out is because they were rare. The voice of Jesus was more often quietly compelling than shockingly loud.

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Source: Christianity Today