Former Evangelical Psychologist Argues Unborn Babies Are No More of a Person Than Zombies

Former evangelical psychologist and author Valerie Tarico, a graduate of the evangelical Wheaton College in Illinois, has claimed that babies who are in danger of being aborted in their mothers’ wombs are about as human as zombies in some kind of science fiction movie.

Tarico posted an op-ed to the politically progressive news website AlterNet on Monday arguing that “[r]eligious opposition to abortion is based on a kind of magical thinking much like that in zombie stories.”

In the piece titled “What the Unborn and the Undead Have in Common,” Tarico makes the argument that just like babies, zombies “look like people even though they aren’t.”

“Sometimes stories and movies explore personhood by drawing us into the lived experience of mythical creatures who don’t look like humans but who share our capacity to think and feel, suffer and love, and cherish conscious life,” she wrote. “Zombie stories do the opposite — they take us into a world of creatures that look like us but who lack the qualities of personhood.”

Tarico claims that while zombies may have been people at some point and may even have the remnants of human flesh, they operate on instinct alone and are “incapable of doing something different” because they “can’t think.”

The writer explains that zombies die by the millions in some zombie movies and “we don’t really care about how many zombies die.”

“In the beginning stages of gestation, a human embryo or fetus has no more qualities of personhood than a zombie — far fewer, in fact, than your average cat or dog,” she argued. “The qualities that make a person a person come into existence gradually at the beginnings of life, and sometimes they fade away long before a heart stops beating.”

To Tarico, what makes a “person a person” is “having a mind.”

In order to have a mind, she says, one needs to have a brain, “which is a lot more complicated to develop and harder to sustain than a mere biological pump made out of cell matrix.”

She continued by stating that all mammals, birds, fish and reptiles have hearts but don’t necessarily have the brain power that fully-formed humans do. Tarico also argued that it is smart for pro-lifers to focus on the heartbeat in legislation efforts to ban abortion after 20 weeks of gestation.

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Source: Christian Post