As I Lay Dying Frontman Tim Lambesis Reunites With Christian Band After Time in Prison

Tim Lambesis, founder of the popular metalcore Christian band As I Lay Dying, has reunited with the group after serving time in prison for plotting to kill his former wife and turning to atheism.

Last Thursday night, the reunited band posted a new music video on social media for a song billed “My Own Grave” with Lambesis back in his frontman role belting lyrics of regret that say in part:

I thought I was an architect but I was just moving dirt
Stacking mud over malice covered-up forming nothing but a pile of hurt
I hadn’t been building (building)
The time was spent digging (digging)
Boring the barriers that kept others away (away)
The deeper the walls the less anyone could hear (hear me) fall

So now I know there is no one else to blame

On May 16, 2014, Lambesis, 37, was sentenced to six years in prison for plotting to hire a hitman to murder his now ex-wife and mother of his three adopted children, Meggan Murphy. That same day, Alternative Press published a substantive interview with Lambesis in which he discussed a number of personal issues such as the breakdown of his marriage, his descent into atheism, steroid use and how his bandmates shunned him after he was arrested.

Lambesis, who former Dokken guitarist George Lynch described as a Biola University trained theologian, was released from prison on parole on Dec. 17, 2016.

It is unclear where Lambesis currently stands on his faith and how the fractured band was able to come back together but in a statement posted to the group’s Facebook page on Monday morning, they said they would try to explain everything to fans this week.

“It’s difficult to encapsulate all of the topics we want to address with a written statement. We understand there are many questions and we plan to address them this week.”

After completing parole last December, Lambesis publicly apologized to Murphy, extended family, friends and the people who worked with him for the damage his actions caused.

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Source: Christian Post