Thoughts on Ella Dawson and Sexual Relations Over the Years by Don McCullen

Ella Dawson is one millennial that make me concerned for our future. Dawson calls herself a feminist who basically treats sex like a contact sport, for lack of a better term. This in spite of her contracting genital HSV-1 aka herpes. Still while I give her credit for admitting to this, Dawson has not repented of her actions and continues her sexual erotica stories coupled with her radical feminism.

Still it does show the long game that feminists that came before Dawson have been playing. That long game has been long known as Free Love which actually goes back to the late 18th Century (and magnified in the 1960’s) with Mary Wollstonecraft advocating the abolition of marriage and with that abolition the destruction of the family unit. These intertwined institutions were created by God himself. The institution of marriage was ordained by God as a convent of one man and one women for life and for a sexual relationship with only each other. That sexual relationship in turn allows for procreation of the human race and that the offspring is raised by a mother and father that not only loves their children but continues their love for each other (your family unit) and hopefully God himself.

But there are those like Wollstonecraft and others who have challenged this God ordained institution due to the overall apostasy from the Christian faith, teachings, and even twisting it for selfish gain. Certain women may have been legitimately abused by men who might have twisted the scripture for their own personal gain, but the women are just guilty in their contribution to the apostasy.

A couple of pieces that Dawson linked on her Facebook page inspired me to write this piece. She linked a piece from NBC News about the Trump administration encouraging teens to abstain from sexual activity. Dawson reminds us to look to “science” and how they have proven Abstinence-only sex education is not only a failure but ineffective and harmful. All this from a young women who supported Hillary Clinton’s run for President of the United States. While many sexual predators like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose have been taken out in one form or another, Hillary’s boo still has not been held to account. If Bill Clinton is finally held accountable for his action, then we can talk about doing the same to President Donald Trump.

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Source: Christian Post