15 Christians Slaughtered During Church Service in Central African Republic

Armed gunmen killed at least 15 Christians, including one priest, during a church service in Bangui, Central African Republic, on Tuesday.

Christians in the Notre Dame de Fatima church were attacked, according to Reuters, and while some managed to escape through a hole in the building wall made by police, others were trapped.

“Filled with panic, some Christians began to flee until bullets and grenades began to fall in the parish grounds, trapping those who remained in the compound,” revealed Moses Aliou, one of the priests.

Walter Brad Mazangue, chancellor of the Archdiocese of Bangui, identified the slain priest as Albert Toungoumale Baba.

The killing sparked outrage in the city, with thousands of angry protesters gathering Baba’s body and carrying it on a stretcher to the presidential palace.

The gunmen have not yet been identified, reported BBC News, which noted that the attack followed violent exchanges between CAR’s army and the Muslim PK5 neighborhood.

CAR is in the midst of a civil war, with Muslims from an umbrella group called Seleka fighting against the central army, and another faction called anti-balaka militias rising up to challenge the Seleka.

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Source: Christian Post