Wheaton College Offers Scholarship Named for Former Professor Who Said Muslims & Christians Worship the Same God

A new scholarship now being offered at a prominent evangelical college named after a former professor who infamously claimed that Christians and Muslims worship the same God is confusing some while being celebrated by others.

The Wheaton Record reported on April 5 that a scholarship in the name of former political science professor Larycia Hawkins was announced last month.

The scholarship will be up to $1,000 and was created as part of a Feb. 2016 settlement with Hawkins, the first African American female to receive tenure at the school. Hawkins left Wheaton that month amid international controversy over a Dec. 2015 Facebook post in which she published a photo of herself wearing a hijab in solidarity with Muslims who had been antagonized following terror attacks at the time, and claimed that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. She was summarily put on administrative leave due to the “theological implications” behind those comments.

The Wheaton board of trustees admitted later that year that the school had made an “error in judgement” in handling the situation; a task force issued a report in October concluding that they could not decisively say whether or not Hawkins’ theological views aligned with the school’s doctrinal statement of faith.

The scholarship named after Hawkins is designed for students pursuing summer internships in Wheaton’s peace and conflict studies program. These students’ internships “will embrace embodied solidarity, and the scholarship seeks to financially support those working toward peace and reconciliation with those who are suffering” the Wheaton Record explained.

“While peace and conflict studies provide freedom, students’ internships will be in keeping with the certificate, which teaches students to focus on the nature of conflict and its root of structural violence,” according to Wheaton international relations professor Michael McKoy.

“The certificate also empowers students to embrace the spirit of embodied solidarity that Hawkins advocated and demonstrated.”

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Source: Christian Post