WATCH: Footage from Nick Gordon’s Domestic Violence Arrest Released: ‘I’m a Famous Person, I Don’t Go to Jail,’ he Said

A frantic and combative Nick Gordon grabbed at a female officer, was incapable of answering basic questions and bragged about his fame during his arrest for domestic abuse back in March.

The video shot in Seminole County, Florida, opens with a female officer repeatedly telling Gordon to get off the phone before then informing him he cannot place his hands on her while they speak.

‘Don’t touch me, do not touch me. Get your hands off of me,’ she tells Gordon.

She then asks Gordon multiple times to state his name, which he ignores before stating:  ‘I don’t care. Like, I don’t care. I want her to go please.’

The ‘her’ he is referring to is girlfriend Laura Leal.

He eventually strings together a few sentences about what happened after almost three minutes of questioning.

‘She flipped out,’ claims Gordon.

Then, he is seen on camera stating: ‘I’m a famous person, she’s done this to me. I don’t go to jail over things like this. My lawyer is Jose Baez.’

His story then falls apart when police see Leal’s injuries.

Police noticed the injuries on Leal when they reported to the house following a 911 call from a hysterical Gordon made in the early morning hours, telling authorities that he was the victim of abuse.

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