Miracle Michigan Basketball Player Is Happy to Sit on the Sidelines

When the NCAA basketball tournament began, the Michigan Wolverines odds of winning it all were about 1 in 25.  

Austin Hatch will take those odds any day.

The Wolverines’ undergraduate student assistant and former teammate survived two plane crashes as a teen that killed all five members of his family.

Arnold Barnett, an MIT statistician, said the odds of surviving a plane crash with one fatality involved is 1 in 3.4 million. The odds of surviving two is 1 in 11 quadrillion and 560 trillion.

Or roughly 120,000 times the world population.

Hatch will take the floor with his team to face Loyola-Chicago in the Final Four in San Antonio on Saturday.

“It makes your heart warm,” Michigan head coach John Beilein told The New York Post. “If we’ve been a small part of his life, it’s tremendous. He’s been a huge part of my life and this team’s life.”

Hatch survived two plane crashes in the span of eight years. In 2003, he lost his mother, Julie, younger brother, Ian, and older sister, Lindsay, in a crash near Fort Wayne. In 2011, nine days after making his commitment to the Wolverines, the plane his father was piloting crashed again. His father survived the first one with Austin, but this time died along with his stepmother, Kim, whom he’d come to cherish as “my second mom.”

After the second crash, the 6-foot-6 star forward from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, had to relearn how to walk, talk and breathe after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

He also had to deal with the grief of having lost the remaining members of his family.

After the second crash, Hatch not only recovered, he made an inspirational return to the basketball court.

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