Lorine Spratt, a Black Woman Who Works at a White SBC Church, Says Russell Moore is Taking Remarks On Racism in White Evangelical Churches Too Far

Lorine Spratt / Russell Moore
Lorine Spratt / Russell Moore

by Lorine Spratt

To SBC Pastors & Dr. Russell Moore:

I am a born-again Christian, Conservative, Black attender of a White, Southern Baptist, Evangelical Church in Louisiana. In fact, I not only attend, I also work there and I am very concerned about the narrative that I’m hearing from our ERLC leadership. I am absolutely appalled by the comments perpetuated by Dr. Russell Moore concerning racism within the White Evangelical churches.

I, and many other Black congregants, attend a predominately White, Southern Baptist Evangelical Church. We attend there because we are free to do so, we’ve been welcomed, and we’re seen and treated as brothers and sisters in Christ. I truly believe that I could attend any White Evangelical church and be welcomed. However, there are born again Black believers who choose to attend Black evangelical churches and worship within their culture and they are free to do so. We are exercising our freedom to choose. We are not commodities to be bargained with or exploited or used to promote an agenda or boost quotas.

White churches are not advocating racism but Dr. Moore is. He is fueling racial tensions. I view his comments as divisive and antagonistic. His words do not promote unity!

Please, let it be known that Dr. Moore does not speak for me or other Black Christians who believe that great strides and fearless efforts have been made by many throughout the years to abolish racism such as William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King Jr., Billy Graham and many others.

It is a sad day when a leader such as Dr. Moore uses his position to wreak verbal havoc in our churches and assists in causing unrest in our society and it’s even sadder if we continue to let him do so. This is not the first time he has verbally assaulted those who do not agree with him. During the presidential election, he did the same and I am totally against anyone, especially a leader in our SBC, who sows discord among the brethren.

This matter deeply concerns and disturbs me!

A sister to all born again believers,

Lorine Spratt
Executive Assistant at First Baptist Bossier, Bossier City, LA

SOURCE: The Louisiana Baptist Message