Illinois School District Bans Principal From Inviting Parents to Prayer Gathering After Atheist Group Complains

An Illinois public school district has “taken steps to ensure” that a middle school principal will no longer send parents emails inviting them to participate in a prayer gathering at the school’s flagpole.

Superintendent Brian Kurz of the El Paso-Gridley Community Unit School District No. 11 recently assured a church-state separation group that there will be no more emails sent to parents from school administrators promoting any kind of religious event.

Kurz’s correspondence comes after the school district received a complaint last December from the the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The complaint alleged that El Paso Gridley Jr. High School Principal Robby Tomlinson sent parents an email last September promoting the national “See You at the Pole” prayer initiative that took place at schools across the country on Sept. 27.

According to a letter from FFRF staff attorney Ryan Jayne, Tomlinson “personally invited” parents to the prayer gathering even though it was “mainly for the students.” The email reportedly added that there would be donuts and milk at a neighbor’s house across the street from the school.

The FFRF letter called for an immediate investigation into Tomlinson’s actions.

“I have investigated the concern regarding Mr. Tomlinson’s communication to parents,” Superintendent Brian Kurz wrote in an email to FFRF. “We acknowledge that this communication could be perceived as promoting the See You At the Pole event. We have taken steps to ensure the school will not publicize this type of event in the future.”

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Source: Christian Post