Chinese Communist Party Authorities Continue to Intensify Campaign Against Church Crosses

Christians in China are pleading for prayers as Communist party authorities continue to intensify their campaign against church crosses, targeting both officially sanctioned churches and underground congregations.

“The condition is deteriorating, but the obstacles tie the house churches together and direct them to God,” a believer with the surname Li from a house church in Nanyang said in a ChinaAid article on Tuesday.

Another believer with the surname Cao said that in the central Hanan province, officials demanded the outdoor cross of a newly constructed Three-Self Church be taken down.

Although Three-Self churches are sanctioned by the government itself, they have not been spared from the years-long cross removal campaign that has swept several provinces.

Cao explained that the cross cost around $3,183.20 USD, with officials arguing that it violated regulations.

The church members do not want their newly built house of worship to be destroyed, and have asked for other Christians to pray for them about what they should do.

ChinaAid sources noted that occasionally international media attention does put on hold government plans to confiscate crosses, such as at a recent case at a church in Zhecheng, but then they target other churches.

Source: Associated Press