19 Christians, Including 2 Priests, Slaughtered During Church Mass in Nigeria

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has said that Tuesday’s slaughter of 19 Christians, including two Roman Catholic priests, during morning mass on Tuesday is both “evil and satanic.”

“This latest assault on innocent persons is particularly despicable,” Buhari said, according to AFP. “Violating a place of worship, killing priests and worshipers is not only vile, evil and satanic, it is clearly calculated to stoke up religious conflict and plunge our communities into endless bloodletting.”

The massacre occurred during early morning mass in a remote village in Benue state, when a group of radicals, which officials believe to be Fulani Muslim herdsmen, stormed the church and opened fire.

Mbalom resident Terhemen Angor said the attack occurred at St. Ignatius Catholic church, where worshipers had gathered.

“People started scampering and wailing,” said Angor, saying that scores were “gunned down in cold blood while many sustained injuries including bullet wounds.”

State police spokesman Terver Akase told CNN that after the shooting, the radicals began setting homes on fire.

“The herdsmen burned nearly 50 houses during the attack and sacked the entire community, ” Akase said. “We expect arrests to be made because they (attackers) are becoming more brazen,” he added.

Nigerian groups, including the Benue Valley Professional Network, called for an end to the violence, which has seen hundreds of Christians, many of them farm-owners and villagers, killed since the start of the year.

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Source: Christian Post