Oprah Says She Will Not Run for President Unless She Hears From God

Vice President Mike Pence was criticized earlier this week by Joy Behar on “The View” for saying he listens to Jesus. Now in a recent interview, Oprah Winfrey likewise shared that she too hears from God and will not be running for president unless God tells her to.

ABC News’ Joy Behar made controversial comments on “The View” Tuesday claiming it’s a “mental illness” to believe “Jesus talks to you.” The TV host recanted her statements after many spoke out against the comedian’s comments.

Oprah told CBS’ “60 Minutes Overtime” that she has been waiting to hear from God on whether to run for president in 2020. Since she has not received guidance on the matter, she said she will not do it despite widespread speculation after her infamous Golden Globes speech.

The popular philanthropist told “Overtime” that she never intended her speech at the Globes to be a presidential pitch.

“If God actually wanted me to run, wouldn’t God kinda tell me? And I haven’t heard that,” Winfrey said.

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Source: Christian Post