Matthew West and Wife Share Reality of Their Love Story in Comical New Valentine’s Day Video

Grammy-nominated Christian singer Matthew West and his wife, Emily, share a serious and comical side of their love in a new online video just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Matthew and Emily West sat down to play the “HIM or HER” game in a new Valentine’s Day YouTube video. The couple, who have been married for almost 15 years, gave fans an inside look into what really goes on beyond his love song “Jesus & You,” off of his latest chart-topping album, All In, which is a dedication to his wife.

During their corky game, Emily and Matthew both agreed that he is a picky eater and Emily jokingingly stated that he doesn’t like any of her home-cooked food. Matthew credited Emily as the most adventurous one in the couple because she married a “musician.”

The game revealed that Matthew was messy, would most likely be the one to burn down the house, and is more of the dog person between the two. Emily has the bigger wardrobe, would most likely survive if stranded on a deserted island and is the safer driver.

The parents of two daughters, Luella and Delaney, agreed that they are both homebodies, both outgoing and equally stubborn.

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Source: Christian Post