John Piper on Whether Selfies Are Evidence of the Last Days

Theologian and Desiring God founder John Piper is weighing in on selfies, urging Christians and social media users to recognize that in a self-obsessed culture their self is actually meant to point to God.

In response to a question he was asked Monday about whether the large presence of selfies and self-centered social media is an indication that the last days are near — where 2 Timothy 3:1-2 speaks of “difficult times” and people being “lovers of self” — the theologian said yes and no.

“Vlogs, selfies, and self-focused social media are often (not always) an expression of the self-exaltation, self-preoccupation, and self-fascination of these last days,” Piper acknowledged.

“But no, these new technologies are not the emerging of such final experiences of sin. They’ve always been there. The new technologies are giving new ways to express old sins.”

While these are the last days, they are not the very last days, he continued, and Christians ought to wait in hopeful expectation of an all-satisfying Christ who will one day return.

“When Jesus came into the world as the long-expected Messiah, he declared the arrival of the kingdom of God, which the Old Testament anticipated as part of the last days,” Piper explained.

And at Pentecost Peter explained that the supernatural events that were occurring were the fulfillment of the prophet Joel’s words, when he said “and in the last days it shall be … that I will pour our my Spirit on all flesh.” These “last days” Joel was referring to in the time just after Jesus came to earth were the start of the “last days” and we have been living in them ever since, Piper argued.

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Source: Christian Post