Here We Go: Donations to Christian Georgetown Student Group Are Being Redirected to LGBT Groups

A Georgetown University student group that faced possible de-recognition last semester for promoting traditional marriage is shocked to learn that some of the donations it had received have either gone missing or been rerouted to groups that advocate for LGBT issues.

Donors of Love Saxa have received receipts worth at least $400 from Georgetown that indicate their money has gone to other groups, according to The College Fix.

“Georgetown officials have misappropriated its donations, either funneling them to different groups or just losing them completely,” says a letter by Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing Love Saxa, sent to Georgetown President John DeGioia. “We insist that you investigate this matter fully, restore the donations to Love Saxa immediately, and hold accountable the individuals responsible for this misconduct.”

Love Saxa President Amelia Irvine deposited a $50 check, which was given by a donor, with school officials in November. A month later, the donor received a receipt stating the amount had gone to the school’s “LGBTQ Resource Center Reserve.”

Another donation, of $100, went to the Saxatones, which has partnered with the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League, a D.C.-area LGBT organization. And a check, of $250, has yet to show up in the group’s account.

Further, Irvine was informed that her group did well at a recent campus fundraiser, but the group “has not received any funds from that event whatsoever,” according to ADF.

“Universities cannot punish students simply because of their religious or political views,” ADF attorney Travis Barham was quoted as saying. “Donors have the right to know that their money goes to the recipient they intend it to. The university should not be diverting funds from a group simply because it disagrees with that group’s mission and purpose.”

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Source: Christian Post