Are Faith-Based Shows Becoming a Trend on Network Television?

Are faith-based programs becoming a trend again?

Earlier this month, “The Mayor” star Brendan Michael Hall was announced as the lead of “God Friended Me,” a pilot scheduled to premiere on CBS. The series centers around an atheist who receives a friend request from God on Facebook and subsequently begins to shape the destinies of other people.

On Feb. 26 the half-hour sitcom, “Living Biblically,” will air on the network. The series is based on the true story found in author A.J. Jacobs book, The Year of Living Biblicallywhich follows a man who decides to live by every single precept recorded in the Bible.

According to Deadline, the series, produced by Greg Berlanti and written by Lilien and Wynbrandt, is “a humorous, uplifting series, which explores questions of faith, existence, and science.”

Jay R. Ferguson (“Mad Men”), who stars in the sitcom as Chip, told Channel Guide magazine that he believes that the series inspired by the Bible has something for everyone.

“[Faith] is a very delicate topic. Certainly, we’re not out to offend anybody,” the actor said. “We’re getting stuff from the Bible, yes, but it’s also very fundamental rules and values that all people — regardless of whether they are Christians or subscribe to a different religion or to no religion at all — can get behind. The notion of loving thy neighbor and not coveting and ‘it’s better to give than to receive’ are basic, human, life principles that everybody, I believe in their hearts, wants to be practicing.”

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Source: Christian Post