WATCH: Dozens of Well-preserved Dinosaur Eggs Discovered by Construction Crew in China

It is not the sort of miracle one would typically imagine when thinking of Christmas, but on Christmas day, a construction crew in China made an accidental discovery of dozens of dinosaur eggs dating back about 130 million years ago.

The very well-preserved eggs from the Cretaceous period were found at the construction site for Xinyuyu Middle School in Dayu County, in the country’s Jiangxi Province. The discovery of fossils is often accidental, but in this particular case, the eggs also survived explosive blasts.

Workers were using explosives to clear the site of large boulders, and the eggs were found in one of the boulders that had been blasted out and was about to be broken down. That is when they noticed some oval-shaped stone lumps and black-colored fragments in the boulder.

Dinosaur fossils have been recovered from Jiangxi province on a number of occasions in the past, and the workers, when faced with the oddly-shaped lumps, stopped work and contacted the local police, who first cordoned off the area to ensure no damage was done to the stone lumps, and then called local museum authorities, according to Chinese media reports.

Staff from the museum confirmed the stones were dinosaur eggs and that the black material, roughly 2 millimeters thick, was the egg shell. The fossils were transferred to the museum for preservation and further analysis.

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SOURCE: International Business Times, Himanshu Goenka