The Second Greatest ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech, Delivered by a 4th Grade White Boy, Beats Out Several Black Children in Competition

A nine-year-old shocked a crowd when he gave an impassioned speech about how, even though he may look different, he has the same dreams Martin Luther King Jr did.

Wesley Trent Stoker was nervous when got onstage at Friday night’s 26th annual Martin Luther King Jr Oratory Competition in Dallas, Texas, but radiated confidence.

The fourth grader won first place for his brilliant five-minute-long speech about the theme ‘What is your dream for today’s world?’ which was meant to honor the late Dr King.

Quoting some of his speeches – Wesley urged audience members to stand up for what they believe is right and to love their neighbors.

‘I may not look like Dr King,’ Wesley said early in the speech. ‘But I believe like Dr King.’

He repeated the line multiple times over the next five minutes, each time pointing both of his pointer fingers in the air and then placing his right hand over his heart.

Stoker, who is a fourth grader at Harris C  Wither’s Elementary School , said that what he believed in most is a peaceful world.

‘I wish that all of our differences would be celebrated, and what everyone felt included,’ Wesley said.

‘I would like to see all people treated equally, feeling important and admired for their deeds. I wish there were no more wars.

‘My dream is that everyone lives in a safe environment, loving and not hating each other. I feel like sometimes people don’t try very hard to befriend people whom are different from themselves, particularly those with different skin color.’

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Source: Daily Mail