Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic Blown Away by Museum of the Bible, Wants Nonbelievers to See It

Evangelist Nick Vujicic said he was blown away by what he saw at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., and is urging everyone, including nonbelievers, to see what it has to offer.

“As an evangelist who has been able to go to 68 countries and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of people, I tell you, I’ve never had an experience [like] seeing such enriching history, gaining knowledge, and appreciation of all the brothers and sisters who have gone before us, who have charged opposition and seen God’s will be done on earth,” Vujicic said in a Facebook video Saturday.

“Seeing the African-American church rise in America, and the history of the Jewish people, and seeing how the Old and New Testament come to life in such an incredible way, I’m telling you right now if I had arms and legs, I would not be able to feel my legs,” he joked.

“It’s a must see, it brings God’s word to life, and you will walk away in awe.”

The preacher, who was born without arms and legs, and has gone on to become an author and speaker whose speeches inspire millions around the world, said that he can’t even think of what to compare seeing the Museum of the Bible with.

He insisted that it is a “must-see” for any church, youth group, and the entire family.

“Even if you are a nonbeliever, you can really appreciate the historical enrichment and value of the Judeo-Christian values that many successful countries are founded upon, obviously America is one of them,” he said.

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Source: Christian Post