Canadian Couple Killed at Vacation Home in Jamaica After Being Attacked

Winnipeggers Melbourne and Etta Flake were found dead in their vacation home in St. Thomas, Jamaica. (Submitted by Debbie Olfert)

Two Winnipeg seniors have died after being assaulted at their vacation home in Jamaica, their daughter says.

The bodies of Melbourne Flake, 81, and Etta Flake, 70, were discovered in their house in St. Thomas Tuesday morning. A family member identified them after they were found.

“It was just terrible, that’s all I know,” said daughter Debbie Olfert. She says the family found out about the slayings on Tuesday night. Her sister called while she was out and implied Olfert should get home before she shared the news.

“I thought that I was in a dream. I thought that this couldn’t possibly be what I was hearing, that it was a bad, bad joke. That I would be saying, ‘OK, you know what? That’s not funny.’

“But I realized at some point when I had several people starting to call me, and I had another person from Jamaica call me and say, ‘I’m sorry Debbie,’ I thought, ‘Oh, OK, this is not a fantasy. This is real.'”

The family has received little information from local authorities, said Olfert, adding Interpol is investigating.

There have been no arrests so far.

Dahlia Garrick, a communications officer for Jamaica’s police service the Jamaica Constabulary Force, said police have launched an investigation into the deaths.

Robbery is a possible motive but police haven’t ruled anything out, she said.

“I can assure you that we from the Jamaica Constabulary Force are committed to a speedy investigation and to ensure that the perpetrators are caught, are brought to justice and that the persons in the community and the family might have some closure as to what happened,” Garrick said.

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SOURCE: CBC, Elisha Dacey