Warren Sapp Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations

Warren Sapp proclaimed he’s never sexually harassed anyone like the allegations made against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein or former NBC Today show host Matt Lauer.

However, in a radio interview Wednesday, he backed up some details made by a former NFL Network wardrobe stylist in a lawsuit this week.

Sapp, a Hall of Fame defensive lineman who was one of the NFL Network’s top talents before he was fired in the wake of his arrest for soliciting a prostitute in 2015, allegedly urinated in front of stylist Jami Cantor, according to an amended lawsuit obtained by USA TODAY Sports.

He also allegedly gave Cantor “sex toys as Christmas gifts three years in a row,” showed her pictures of women he had relations with and “openly talked about his sex life in front” of Cantor, according to the suit.

“I’m still tying to figure out where’s the sexual harassment?” Sapp told radio host Andy Slater on WINZ-AM, a sports talk station in the Miami area.

Sapp didn’t dispute that there was an incident with Cantor in the restroom.

“I did walk in the bathroom, but I did not urinate in front of her,” Sapp said.

That incident, Sapp said, occurred when he was in a hurry to use the restroom during a commercial break. Cantor said in the lawsuit that she was forced to work in the restroom at times during her 10 years at the NFL Network, which ended last year.

“I didn’t pee in front of my wife and I was married to her for nine years,” Sapp said. “It’s just not something you (do). What is that about? It’s not cute. It’s not sexual. It’s not something you want to see. Last time I checked, if you ate some asparagus, it might stink.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, A.J. Perez