Retired NFL Star Warren Moon Accused of Sexual Harassment in $900m Lawsuit

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon used to grab his assistant’s crotch without her consent, mandated that she sleep in his bed during business trips, and drugged her drink during a business trip in Mexico “because he thought she was not ‘having fun,’” according to a lawsuit filed this week by the former assistant in a California court. The lawsuit was filed Monday in Orange County Superior Court. As of Wednesday afternoon, Moon’s publicist had not released any comment on it. 

The woman, 32-year-old Wendy Haskell, was hired as the 61-year-old Moon’s executive assistant in July. She says in the lawsuit that “Moon had a dark and twisted side that commanded far more than just executive assistant services from his newly hired employee.” The lawsuit goes on to say this about Haskell’s time working as an assistant at the Sports 1 Marketing, where Moon is still listed as president on the website:

Soon after she began her employment, Moon demanded Ms. Haskell submit to a variety of unnerving sexual and perverse controlling arrangements, including sleeping in the same bed with him on all business trips, providing him unfettered access to the bathroom every time she showered, wearing skimpy lingerie while in the obligatory single room, obtaining prior approval for her wardrobe, and being subjected to continuous unwanted and unsolicited sexual advances.

The lawsuit says that, on Oct. 6, Haskell told Moon that “while she loved working at S1M, she was very uncomfortable with the travel sleeping arrangements and shower protocol.” Moon replied, according to the lawsuit, that “if she wasn’t ‘comfortable’ with it, or him, then she could not work for him.”

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Source: Deadspin