Pastor Robert Jeffress: Shame on John Piper for Swipe at Trump

(Photo: REUTERS/Yuri Gripas) U.S. President Donald Trump (L) is greeted by Pastor Jeffress at the Celebrate Freedom Rally in Washington, U.S. July 1, 2017.

A well-known pastor and author, already no fan of Donald Trump, is comparing the president to dictators and thugs. 

In a Dec. 3 message to his Twitter followers, pastor and author John Piper seemed to take a swipe at Trump by comparing him to a “wannabe dictator.”

“Jesus is the ruler of kings on earth,” Piper wrote, citing Revelation 1:5. “Over Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un and every huffing and puffing wannabe dictator. Let this sink in.”

“John Piper should be ashamed of himself,” responds Dr. Robert Jeffress, a Southern Baptist pastor who has become an advisor to Trump over the last year.

“For someone to equate the President of the United States with the North Korean dictator, who’s threatening to annihilate our country, is both un-Christian and un-American,” Jeffress tells OneNewsNow.

Piper’s swipe at Trump isn’t new. The pastor-author complained about Trump’s “flagrant wickedness” before Election Day last year, vowing not to vote for him nor Hillary Clinton. More recently he said that white Evangelicals who support Trump – that would include Jeffress – have hurt racial reconciliation by doing so.

Jeffress, meanwhile, raised eyebrows last year when he began appearing beside the trash-talking real estate mogul on the campaign trail. But the Texas pastor has since reported that Evangelicals have a friend in the White House unlike Clinton, who would have been the enemy of Christian conservatives. He points, for example, to Trump naming Neil Gorsuch as a conservative Supreme Court nominee.

Trump has been criticized and mocked for being unfamiliar with Christian orthodoxy, but he was praised last week for his words about Christ’s birth during Christmas season. Vice President Mike Pence told CBN News recently that Trump is a “believer” and understands the importance of faith.

The dangerous times we live in, Jeffress says, require Christian leaders to pray for Trump and the actual dictators who oppose him instead of falling prey to “political prejudice” that creates a false equivalency between a president and those dictators.

SOURCE: One News Now – Steve Jordahl