Odell Beckham Alleges ‘Double Standard’ in How NFL Treats Black Athletes’ ‘Passionate Outbursts’ (Like Brady’s)

Odell Beckham didn’t have a problem with Tom Brady yelling at Josh McDaniels on the sideline on Sunday. But Beckham imagined a scenario where he was in Brady’s shoes, and figured the moment would have played out differently.

The one-sided outburst, during which Brady yelled at McDaniels, was shrugged off by New England and national media. Few critics emerged to tear down Brady, who had a similar spat with a different offensive coordinator in 2011. Beckham wondered if he’d be afforded the same liberty.

On Twitter, he shared a series of thoughts, all of which linked to a Tweet that said the following: “It’s ‘passion’ bro. Imagine if @OBJ_3 showed some of this ‘passion’ towards any of his coaches… Smh #DoubleStandard.”

Here’s what Beckham had to say in response to that tweet.

Beckham has been involved in a number of emotional and dramatic displays on the sideline. He once punched a kicking net, which bounced back at him and knocked him in the face. In games that followed, he made a playful display by hugging it and then proposing to it.

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SOURCE: Henry McKenna
Patriots Wire