LiAngelo Ball Says he Was Just Following his Teammates When They Robbed a Store in China


LiAngelo Ball has spoken out for the first time on his arrest and detainment in China for shoplifting, and the picture he paints is one of a teenager who got swept up by others’ misdeeds and ended up in over his head in a hurry.

“We all went out one night, went to the malls, went to the Louis Vuitton store,” he told “The Today Show” on Tuesday morning. “People started taking stuff. Me just not thinking and being with them, I started taking stuff too.”

It wasn’t until later that Ball realized he’d made a serious error in judgment: “We left thinking we’ll just get away. You know how kids think,” he said. “I didn’t realize till I got back to the hotel—‘that was stupid.’”

Ball and two teammates were arrested by Chinese authorities and spent a day and a half in a Chinese prison—a “horrible” experience, Ball said, in a cement cell where no one around him spoke English.

It was the UCLA players’ good fortune to be detained at the exact same time President Trump was making a visit to the region, and Trump helped engineer the players’ release. Ball and the other players thanked Trump—a bit too slowly for the president’s liking—but Ball’s father LaVar remains adamant that the president’s desire for gratitude was unseemly.

“If [he] did it genuinely,” Ball said, speaking of the players’ release, “do you really need to come up to me and say, ‘Boy, you better thank me?’”

LaVar Ball, naturally, turned the moment into a branding effort, noting that he’d sent the White House three pairs of Big Baller Brand shoes — “red, white and blue, to show him we patriotic!”

LaVar pulled LiAngelo out of UCLA on Monday, sidestepping the suspension the university had handed down for the students’ shoplifting. The suspension could have been as long as three months, and as LiAngelo noted, “That’s the whole season, pretty much. That’s a long time doing nothing. I’d rather be playing.”

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SOURCE: Jay Busbee
The Dagger