Justin Timberlake Says Church Is the Best Place to Sing

Justin Timberlake got his start singing in church and now the entertainer is explaining why it’s the best place to begin a music career.

“You know that church is the best place to sing because you can go up there and completely botch anything and then at the end everyone says, ‘Amen,'” Timberlake said during his appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” this week.

The pair joked about God in a light-hearted satirical segment called “Big Questions With Bigger Stars” where Colbert got to ask Timberlake, “If the universe is so infinite, then what’s beyond?”

The singer responded, “Everything other than bed and bath.”

When Timberlake asked the comedian and late night talk show host, “Hey Steve, If God made the universe then who made God?”

Colbert responded, “Like most stuff, I think probably a factory in China.”

Despite the jokes, Colbert has been vocal about his Catholic faith in the past.

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Source: Christian Post