Denzel Washington’s Prayer for Young People: Don’t Lose Your Fire

Denzel Washington is sharing his prayer for young people not to give up during difficult times.

“I pray that young people never lose that fire, I don’t think they will,” Washington told The Grio when doing his press rounds for his latest film, “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” “And needless to say there’s a lot for them to work on.”

The 62-year-old Oscar-winning actor remembered when he starred in “Malcolm X” in the ’90s and was inspired by the fervor of the young people who wanted to change the state of the world.

“I remember when I was doing the movie ‘Malcolm X ‘and we were doing a speech up at Columbia, we had a bunch of students from Columbia University,” he said. “In between takes, we were talking about things and how tough the world is and I was like ‘With everything we’re talking about, does it make you want to give up?’

“And they’re like, ‘oh, no, no, we’re gonna change it.'”

While a number of people may look at the justice system in the United States and feel helpless, the actor who plays a defense attorney in his latest movie said that people can make a difference, starting from their homes.

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Source: Christian Post