Daily Mail Goes Inside Omarosa Manigault’s Last Days at the White House

Omarosa Manigault blew up at Chief of Staff John Kelly after she was told that her husband no longer had clearance to attend the White House staff Christmas party, DailyMail.com has learned exclusively.

Manigault shockingly announced she was leaving her position on Wednesday after news broke that she had an epic showdown with the chief of staff on Tuesday night.

But her recent departure was not because of the blowup at the Christmas party – Kelly had already been planning to fire her, sources told DailyMail.com.

The retired four-star general wanted her gone because of her abusive treatment of other senior officials, assuring them that the situation would be handled soon and acknowledging that ‘she was a troublemaker from the get-go’, insiders claim.

Due to her close friendship with President Trump and at his request, Kelly agreed to let Manigault say she resigned and allowed her to stay in office until January 20 so she would have a full year of working at the White House, sources said.

The two did not part ways on good terms, but the trigger for Manigault flying into a rage against Kelly was learning that her husband John Allen Newman could no longer attend the holiday bash.

The former Apprentice star demanded to know if President Trump was aware of the decision, before she marched off towards his residence, where she once had been relatively free to come and go.

But she was refused entry by Secret Service.

Kelly ousted Manigault because she was a ‘tyrant’ with an air of entitlement.

But because of her friendship with President Trump, he allowed her to stay on for a few more weeks so that she could have a full year at the White House under her belt.

A source close to the administration said: ‘The only reason Omarosa survived Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon and Sean Spicer is because the president protected her. They all had issues with her at one point or another, but despite their gripes about her and their desires for her to be let go, Trump always had her back.’

Manigault’s story about resigning in the wake of Roy Moore’s defeat is essentially a cover story, said Sean Jackson, chairman of the Black Republican Caucus of Florida.

He claims that he was informed by two White House staffers that Kelly fired her because ‘he was just tired of her ranting and parading around as if she owned the place.’

Another element in Kelly’s decision was that Manigault berated the executive director of the administration’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities initiative in a phone call that was overheard by two senior Department of Education officials.

The Department of Education and the staffers involved declined to comment.

Two people detailed Manigault’s abuse of direct staffers to DailyMail.com – one who was still working  in her office and another who changed jobs to get out from under her thumb.

‘She was just a tyrant. They were intimidated and in fear of their jobs being in jeopardy,’ Jackson explained.

Manigault and Kelly did not part on good terms. When Manigault found out that her husband, who she married in April, couldn’t come to that night’s party, sparks flew.

An insider revealed: ‘When she got word that her husband could not attend the Christmas party because his security clearance under her had been canceled already, she was outraged. She confronted General Kelly about it and that’s when the explosive altercation happened between them. She was embarrassed by that and it sent her over the top.’

According to the White House source, staffers there submit a list of names of people who are vetted for security purposes particularly if those people regularly visit. Once a staffer’s privileges start being removed and their access limited, those on your clearance list are no longer allowed to come in.

The source said: ‘This is a woman who showed up at the White House with her entire bridal party for an unplanned, unauthorized wedding day photo shoot. So, imagine her outrage when she was told that her husband could not come to the White House that evening for one of the holiday parties, she was p***ed to say the least.’

Jackson added: ‘She became disgruntled and she tripped the alarms and she started throwing obscenities.’

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation have also said that Manigault was escorted off the premises on Tuesday evening after she reached an agreement with the administration to leave her position.

Secret Service denied in a tweet that it led her off the property, and Manigault pointed to it as evidence that unflattering testimony about her abrupt exit were wrong .

Jackson said her access to the complex had been revoked and she was not going back.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders ducked DailyMail.com’s question about Manigault’s access. She told another reporter that Manigault would be in the building later.

On Thursday, Manigault denied the pass that allows her to walk on and off the property had been confiscated.

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Source: Daily Mail