Black Republicans Call Omarosa a ‘Tyrant’ and a ‘Liar’ Who Kept Them Out of the White House

Omarosa Manigault’s exit from the White House has black Republicans jubilantly declaring ‘the Wicked Witch is dead.’

Manigault was a ‘tyrant,’ ‘a manipulator,’ ‘a user,’ and ‘a liar’ who kept other African-Americans out of the White House on purpose, said Sean Jackson, chairman of the Black Republican Caucus of Florida.

Other black leaders celebrated Manigault’s demise for the same reasons, with one, the Maryland GOP‘s Eugene Craig, telling, ‘She wanted to be the only senior black Republican in Trump’s orbit.’

‘There’s some people whose claim to fame is that they are the only. It is ironic that they use the same “I was the only” when it didn’t work out,’ said Thurgood Marshall College Fund President Johnny Taylor.

Another source said, ‘None of us lost any sleep, and there’s some silent cheering going on that she lost her position.’

A former reality TV star who appeared on The Apprentice with Donald Trump and was fired by him on three separate seasons of the show in the last decade, Manigault is known to many Americans as the celebrity villain ‘Omarosa.’

She likes to stress that she has a history of working in politics, dating back to her days as a low-level staffer in Bill Clinton’s administration and coming full circle to her time managing black outreach for Trump in the general election.

Manigault subsequently joined Trump’s White House earlier this year alongside a slew of mostly-white senior staffers.

Her version of a Tuesday firing is that she resigned because she was unsettled by the administration’s handling of racially sensitive issues like Charlottesville, the death of Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson’s husband La David Johnson, Trump’s dispute with kneeling NFL players and the rise of Roy Moore.

Armstrong Williams, a friend of Manigault’s and the campaign manager for Ben Carson when he ran for president, would not be interviewed for’ for this article.

Before the businessman stopped giving interviews on Manigault’s dismissal, he told the Washington Post that ‘as recently as last week she told me about her concerns about the president endorsing Roy Moore. It bothered her, being a woman.’

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Source: Daily Mail