5 Women Rob Victoria’s Secret Store of $1,500 in Merchandise Using Stun Gun and Mace

Five women bolted from a North Shore Victoria’s Secret store Tuesday night (Dec. 12) with more than $1,500 in merchandise, using mace and a stun gun on three store employees who tried to intervene, Mandeville Police Chief Gerald Sticker said.

Employees of the store in the Premier Shopping Center, at 3414 U.S. 190, called 911 after the women ran off “with stacks of merchandise,” Sticker said. Two of the thieves were armed; one with mace and one with a stun gun.

One of the suspects sprayed two employees with the mace while a third employee was shocked with the stun gun. The suspects fled the scene in a silver Honda sedan with a temporary license plate, police said.

Three of the suspects had light complexion and two had dark complexion, and all were between 5’5″ and 5’10” in height. They are all believed to be in their 20’s. One of the subjects had red hair, another had a pony tail, and a third one had a thick braid. The shortest suspect wore a blue baseball cap, police said.

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Source: NOLA