3 Ways to Build Your Church’s Volunteer Team During the Christmas Season

Christmas is a great time to enlist new volunteers for your team. Here are three ways you can build your volunteer team during the Christmas season.

Do a church-wide push for people to serve one time during Christmas services, events, programs, etc. Usually it is counterproductive to get up in front of the church and ask for volunteers…especially if it comes across as “begging.” But it can be effective at Christmas if done correctly.

The pastor should be the one who makes the ask during a church service. He should share about the opportunity the church has to reach many people for Christ during the Christmas season since people are more likely to be thinking about “religious things” and attending church. New people will be walking in the doors of your church and people who aren’t currently serving can step up and serve one time at Christmas and have a part in seeing people come to Christ.

Have a list of one-time serving opportunities that are available during Christmas. The pastor should ask people to commit right then and there to serve one time. They can indicate on a provided card what area(s) they are interested in helping with and then turn in the response card.

Make sure the people who signed up to serve one time have a great serving experience. Place them in an easy role. Give them clear instructions about what they should do. Pair them up with experienced volunteers. Have snacks and food for them.

After their one time serve, connect back with them and invite them to join your volunteer team on a full-time basis. If you will be intentional about doing this within a week after they serve, you will see many of them join your team. I have seen as high as 85 percent of one-time volunteers join our volunteer team on a full-time basis when we did this.

Ask your current volunteers to invite one person to serve with them during the Christmas season. If you will be intentional about encouraging your volunteers to bring someone to serve with them, you will see many respond and do so.   

Encourage it. Have each volunteer write down the name of one person they can invite.   

Promote it. Create a theme you use to build momentum and create a culture of reproducing yourself in others.   

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SOURCE: Church Leaders, Dale Hudson