Woolly Mammoth Skeleton Sells for $645,000 at French Auction

The most intact woolly mammoth skeleton ever found was sold Saturday at a mammoth price — about $645,000.

The prehistoric set of bones were discovered in Siberia about a decade ago by a professional hunter and has an estimated value of $530,000, said France-based auctioneer Claude Aguttes. The hunter had preserved the remains in his home, the BBC reported. Mammoth remains are frequently found in Siberia and Russia’s northern regions.

The nearly complete skeleton sold for 540,000 euros to Soprema CEO Pierre-Etienne Bindschelder at the Aguttes auction house in Lyon. Soprema sells products focused on waterproofing.

“We are going to display it in the lobby of our firm,” Bindschelder said. “I think we have enough room.”

International news outlet Agence France-Presse reported that this was one of the largest species ever found. Upon discovery, the skeleton was 80 percent intact.

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SOURCE: NBC News, Yelena Dzhanova