Why is the Church Treating Working Motherhood Like a Sin? by Carrie Dedrick

This is not just a blog for working moms. This isn’t even just a blog for moms, or even women for that matter. This blog is for everyone, male or female, married or single, parent or childless who has an opinion about working moms. 

Working moms have cried out in hurt and despair. They have been burned by judgment of others who did not care to understand their individual situations. They have been told that they are damaging their children by leaving them in childcare and that they are missing precious moments of their children’s lives. They have lived in guilt and fear. Worst of all, Christians have stood by and let this happen, sometimes partaking in the criticism themselves.

Author and speaker Lisa Jo Baker says it is time for the attacks to end. In the blog “Dear Church, If There was One Thing I Could Tell You About Working Moms, This Would be It,” Baker writes that Christians need to be encouragers of all moms.

Here’s the truth: Some moms must work to provide for their families. They may carry the family’s insurance or two incomes might be necessary to pay the bills in the household. Many working moms (8.6 million) are single mothers.

Others are called to work. Baker said, “Some women love the work that they have been called into and equally love the children God has given them… And seek to glorify both for His kingdom.”

Working moms love their children. Many also love their careers. But, as Baker says, moms should not be “defined either by our business cards or our children.”

“Instead, I am convinced that we are defined by the God who has ransomed us, redeemed us and placed His own calling on our lives.”

We should be celebrating the families that God has gifted to us, not tearing them down.

When we encounter a tired mom, whether she works part-time, full-time, or stays at home, it is our responsibility as ambassadors of Jesus Christ is to lift her up.

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Source: Crosswalk