WATCH: The Washington Post Confronts Woman Who Tried To Sell Them False Story About Roy Moore Claiming he Impregnated her At 15 and Forced her to Abort Baby


Right-wing activism organization Project Veritas, known for its highly edited hidden camera stings on liberals, seems to have gotten its most recent sting operation exposed by The Washington Post. An apparent employee or associate of the conservative group attempted to convince the Post that Senate candidate Roy Moore had impregnated her and forced her to get an abortion at 15. The woman, who went by Jamie Phillips, told reporters that Moore had abused her as a teenager, and that she wanted the Post to guarantee that Moore would lose his election if she came forward. But in doing their background research, Post reporters found holes in Phillips’ story, including that she did not work for the insurance company she named as her employer, and that she had published a GoFundMe page asking friends for money so that she could move to New York “to work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceit [sic] of the liberal MSM.” In a videotaped conversation with a Post reporter, Phillips continued to spin a web of debunked tales, ultimately backing out when it became apparent that she had become the story itself. The Post then saw her entering the Mamaroneck, New York offices of Project Veritas. The Post did not publish Phillips’ false allegations against Moore.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast