Sony Releases Christian Film ‘Only God Can’ to DVD

Photo Credit: Inspire You Entertainment

Only God Can, an award-winning Christian film, came to DVD Nov. 7, 2017 via Sony Entertainment.

The movie tells the story of five College of Charleston alumni that have remained friends over the years since graduation. Following a reunion, tragedy strikes.

As they reach out to provide support to each other, the women are motivated to examine and reflect upon their own lives. Together, they ultimately discover that faith brings empowerment, setting them on the path to enriched lives and becoming the people God truly desires them to be.

Filmed in Charleston and Greenville, S.C., and Los Angeles, Calif., Only God Can will be available in retail outlets including Walmart, Target, Christian Book Stores, as well as online. The acclaimed indie film has been well-received by both audiences and media since it debuted in South Carolina in March.

It was also showcased on two nationally-broadcast television shows, the syndicated Inside Edition and Hallmark Channel’s popular Home & Family.

Linda Flannery, executive producer of Only God Can says, “I hope that it encourages others to explore how they can be empowered by faith.”

The faith-based flick has, to date, received two awards: The Indie Fest Film Award of Excellence under the Christian category and the Inspired Faith Film Festival’s Sisterhood Award, which honors films in which “women supported women.” Only God Can was also one of a select number of movies chosen to be shown at the 20th anniversary celebration of the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood, Calif.

Motivated by a script that explores elements of friendship, love and faith, several well-known actors came together to make the movie.

Portraying the women friends are Lisa Sheridan (“Scandal” and “CSI”) as Sara; Donna D’Errico (“Austin Powers” and “Baywatch”) as Coley; Robbi Chong (“ER” and “The Cosby Show”) as Patrice; producer and actor Debra Capps as Glen; and Vanessa Evigan (“How I Met Your Mother” and ABC Family’s “Holiday In Handcuffs”) as Gracie. Greg Evigan (“B.J. and the Bear” and “My Two Dads”) portrays Pastor Rodney.

“When we screened Only God Can at our film festival, the impact on the audience was profound,” said award-winning filmmaker, Judith Falloon-Reid, co-creator and co-producer of the Inspired Faith Film Festival.

“Many who saw the film cried, including men, and all clapped heartily in the end. As a producer of a film festival — and one who has attended numerous others — I feel it is important to recognize all elements that make a film valuable,” she added.

SOURCE: EEW Magazine