Rev Al Sharpton Plans To Help Jailed Rapper Meek Mill, Will Visit him In Prison Today

Reverend Al Sharpton has announced plans to visit Meek Mill in prison this Monday. The announcement was made Saturday (Nov. 24) at a rally with the National Action Network in Harlem, as reported by NBC and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Just because someone does something that is wrong, does not give you the right to do wrong to them,” Sharpton shared, according to NBC. “The sentence must fit the violation.”

Meek was sentenced to two to four years in jail after violating his probation. Sharpton is the latest in a series of celebrities to speak out in defense of the rapper. Jay-Z, Colin Kaepernick, and Drake have each voiced their support of Meek Mill in the face the treatment he has experienced at the hands of law enforcement.

He was recently transferred out of solitary confinement and moved to a correctional facility in Chester, Pennsylvania.

SOURCE: SPIN – Rob Arcand