Massive College Student Party Near University of North Texas Causes Apartment Floor to Collapse

A raucous party in an over-crowded apartment near a Texas college came to a crashing end early Sunday when the floor collapsed into the apartment below.

The harrowing scene at The Ridge at North Texas, near the University of North Texas in Denton, was captured on video from multiple angles and posted to social media.

Many who were at the party could be seen crawling over beams and plywood after the collapse.

Only minor injuries were reported, Denton Police said.

“I have nowhere to go. Everything I own is in there,” Carley Carroll, who lived in the second-floor apartment below the party, told FOX 4 News. “That’s life threatening. If we were in our living room, we wouldn’t have made it out because by what we’ve seen, it’s just completely gone.”

Carroll and her three roommates, all North Texas sophomores, were not home at the time. Instead, they were at the Denton Police Department making a noise complaint about the party.

Police told FOX 4 they believe there was 100 people at the party.

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SOURCE: Fox News, Travis Fedschun