Harvey Weinstein Gave Investigators Hit-list of People Who Knew About Sexual Assault Allegations

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein allegedly had a secret ‘hit list’ of nearly 100 actors, publicists and producers as part of a strategy to silence his sexual assault accusers.

Weinstein had created a 91-person list to discover what they knew about sexual harassment and assault claims involving the filmmaker and if they intended to go public, reported The Guardian.

The document was allegedly compiled in early 2017 and distributed to a team complied by the producer around nine months before The New York Times broke the first story about the allegations against Weinstein.

Individuals would reportedly be targeted by investigators who would glean information on who had information about allegations, and then feedback was relayed back to Weinstein and his lawyers.

The list – a section of which was published by The Guardian – contains the names of several actresses and employees who have since come forward to accuse Weinstein of preying on them, including Rose McGowan and Laura Madden.

A typed note on the document seems to suggest that Madden, a former employee, had been targeted by investigators by February 2016. According to the note, her view of Weinstein was ‘very bitter’.

Also listed on the document are actresses Sophia Dix, Annabella Sciorra, Katherine Kendall, all of whom have come forward with disturbing claims about Weinstein.

Another name is Zelda Perkins, a London-based production assistant for Miramax – Weinstein’s film company – who left in 1998 after enduring years of sexual harassment by the producer, she said.

Perkins revealed in October she broke a confidentiality agreement to describe alleged sexual harassment by the Hollywood producer.

The list includes 48 women and 43 men – a mix of actors, actresses, publicists, producers and financiers. At least 10 live in London, but the majority are based in New York, according to The Guardian.

More than 50 of the names were typed in red to identify who should be prioritized by investigators. Some of those names include McGowan, Dix and Sciorra.

The list also allegedly includes producer Brett Ratner who has been accused by several women himself of sexual assault, though no explanation for his making the roster is given.

So far, almost 60 women have come forward with allegations of rape, harassment and inappropriate behavior against Weinstein, prompting police investigations by the NYPD, LAPD, Scotland Yard and the Beverly Hills police.

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Source: Daily Mail