WATCH: Meghan McCain Makes Official Debut On ‘The View’

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – MAY 21: Meghan McCain attends the OK! Magazine’s So Sexy event on May 21, 2015 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

Meghan McCain made her debut as a permanent co-host of The View on Monday, less than a month after it was first reported that she was in talks to join the ABC morning show.

“A new chapter in The View history starts now because we have a new co-host,” began Whoopi Goldberg in her introduction. “She’s a strong voice for young conservatives, a bestselling author and blogger who has been fearless, speaking out about issues that affect women and all Americans.”

“She definitely has got some maverick in her, ’cause she’s got a maverick dad who was a hero on the battlefield and in D.C.,” continued Goldberg, 61, of the former Fox News contributor and daughter of Sen. John McCain. “Please welcome our new co-host, Meghan McCain!”

McCain, 32, emerged from backstage and took her seat the table.

“First of all, thank you all so much for having me,” she gushed. “It’s such a privilege to be on this show. Last night I was watching re-runs with my friends — I had a tiny little party at my apartment because I haven’t been back in New York in a long time, and it’s such an iconic show.”

“It’s so iconic specifically to be sitting in this chair that Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] made so great,” she continued. “I watched Elisabeth in college as a young Republican, and to be the conservative on this show is something that I take very seriously, and I’m excited to bring a different perspective to this show.”

Quipping that she and co-host Joy Behar probably aren’t “going to agree on anything,” McCain also took a moment to thank Goldberg for welcoming her onto the show.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Aurelie Corinthios