Twitter Reconsiders, Allows Rep. Marsha Blackburn to Promote Her Senate Campaign Video Containing Pro-Life Message

After censoring Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s campaign video advertisement over “inflammatory” pro-life language on Monday, Twitter announced Tuesday that will allow the Tennessee Republican to promote her introductory Senate campaign video on the social media platform.

“After further review, we have made the decision to allow the content in question from Rep. Blackburn’s campaign ad to be promoted on our ads platform,” a Twitter spokesperson told the technology news website Recode.

“While we initially determined that a small portion of the video used potentially inflammatory language, after reconsidering the ad in the context of the entire message, we believe that there is room to refine our policies around these issues. We have notified Rep. Blackburn’s campaign of this decision.”

The video in question is Blackburn’s nearly three-minute-long video announcement that she is running for retiring Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker’s seat. In the video, Blackburn declares that she is a “hardcore, card carrying Tennessee conservative” and that she is “100 percent pro-life.”

As reported by Politico Monday, Twitter took objection to a line in the video in which Blackburn declared: “I fought Planned Parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts — Thank God.”

Blackburn’s comment was in reference to her leading of a select House committee that investigated Planned Parenthood after pro-life activists released a widely seen series of videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood executives discussing illegally profiting off of the sale of aborted fetal parts.

Twitter feared that the language about Planned Parenthood would evoke a “strong negative reaction” and banned Blackburn’s campaign from paying to promote the video on Twitter’s advertising platform.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith