Salt Lake City Police Officer Not Charged in Killing of Black Man Riding a Bike

The Salt Lake City District Attorney’s office released the bodycam footage in a fatal police-involved shooting it has since said was justified. 

A Salt Lake City police officer, identified as Officer Kris Smith, pulled over 50-year-old Patrick Harmon after watching him ride his bicycle across all six lanes and the median of State Street the night of Aug. 13, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. Harmon’s bike was missing its required red tail light, according to documents from the DA’s office.

When asked for identification, Harmon gave the officer a name that was not in the database, prompting him to call for backup. Officer Clinton Fox responded with another officer.

Footage from all three cops released by officials Wednesday shows Smith again ask Harmon to spell his name. According to the district attorney’s report, Harmon gave “a couple of different names.”

After Smith was able to identify Harmon, he learned he had active felony warrants for aggravated assault, according to prosecutors. Harmon appeared “emotional and distraught” and told officers he had been trying to take care of it, Fox testified.

The officers told him he was going to be arrested, but Harmon “bolted and ran.” As the trio of cops pursued him, Harmon “turned quickly” to face them, according to the Tribune.

Smith drew his Taser while Fox and the other officer drew their firearms. All three reported that Harmon threatened to cut them and that they saw him reaching for his pocket.

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Source: NY Daily News /