Rose McGowan Attacks Jeff Bezos & Amazon For Ignoring Warnings About Harvey Weinstein

Rose McGowan is going after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for allegedly ignoring her warnings about Harvey Weinstein.

In a series of tweets Thursday, McGowan attacked Bezos and his company for failing to hear her early claims about being “raped” by Weinstein and for “funding rapists, alleged pedos and sexual harassers.”

McGowan was one of the people named in the recent New York Times exposé about Weinstein’s sexual harassment claims and is reported to have reached a settlement with the film producer.

It’s unclear what film script she is referring to or why she thinks Amazon won a “dirty Oscar.” But it’s clear her fight against Weinstein is about to get a lot nastier.

McGowan’s tweetstorm came moments after Twitter restored full service to her account. It had previously limited her functionality for violating its rules, the company said, because she posted a private phone number.

Here’s McGowan’s full tweetstorm:

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Source: CNBC