Rapper Diddy Looking to Purchase the NFL

The NFL this season has proven to be an ongoing battle after President Donald Trump fired shots against NFL players for taking a knee in peaceful protest against police brutality.

Colin Kaepernick started the protest last year when he took a knee during a San Francisco 49ers game. For that Kaepernick was kicked off of his team and has been unable to get on any team in the NFL.

Celebrities like John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Zendaya, Jesse Williams and many others who came alongside Kaepernick in support of his protest.

ESPN host Jemele Hill is also received harsh treatment for her tweets calling the President a racist that resulted in an apology. but two weeks later Hill is suspended from her show for urging her followers via Twitter to boycott advertisers of the Dallas Cowboys. The reason being that owner Jerry Jones has ordered his players to stand during the National Anthem or they can face being benched.

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Source: BAW / Diannah Watson