CBN’s “700 Club” to Feature Keisha Christian’s Story of Surviving Domestic Violence

A local survivor’s story will be seen by a national audience on October 20, 2017.

The Christian Broadcasting Network will feature Keisha Christian’s story, covering her abusive relationships.

It showcases her desperate search for love and acceptances and chronicles the physical violence she endured, as she was brutally beaten, burned, and choked.

Christian said the breaking point was when her ex-husband threatened to kill her and himself.

A constant knock at the door, which she credits as divine intervention, kept that from happening.

She’s hoping to encourage and save other women from domestic abuse.

“I was just elated, just to be able to reach out to someone who may never hear my story in Lynchburg, that may be in Canada or Alabama or somewhere,” she said.

You can look for her story on CBN on The 700 Club next Friday and in a book next year called “Wounds to Wisdom.”

For Keisha Christian’s website, click here.

SOURCE: Valencia Jones