Black Twitter Is Convinced Oprah Banned Tina Campbell From her Gospel Brunch Because the Singer Voted for President Trump

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Oprah is known for throwing some of the most exclusive events at her estate — remember the iconic Legend’s Ball?

Recently, she showed that she’s the queen of Sunday brunch when she hosted a star-studded event to celebrate her new book Wisdom of Sundays, inviting the who’s who of the Gospel community. The only thing, though, was the noticeable absence of one half of the duo Mary MaryTina Campbell, and social media had a field day coming up with theories on why the Big O said, “No ma’am.”

Here’s the thing: Tina’s sister Erica was present at the event, leading many to conclude that Oprah decided to rescind Tina’s invitation following her attempt to justify her voting for President Trump in the presidential election.

Watch Oprah celebrate with the Gospel community — sans Tina — below:

Music, food, and friends. That’s what Sundays are for. #WisdomOfSundays

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The twitter community had way too much fun with this. See how they reacted, below:

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SOURCE: BET – John Justice