UK Think Tank Says ISIS’ Decline is ‘Grossly Overstated’; Britain, U.S. Among Top Consumers of Terrorist Propaganda

The United States and the United Kingdom have both been ranked among the top five countries where Islamic State terror group propaganda material is most widely read online.

Policy Exchange, the U.K. think tank that released its “The New Netwar” report on Tuesday, warned that talk of IS’ decline in the virtual world has been “grossly overstated.”

“The group has shown itself to be adaptable and durable — in spite of the loss of its physical strongholds — and there is a danger that the blood and treasure we have invested in Iraq and Syria will produce little more than a pyrrhic victory,” the authors warned.

“ISIS is producing extremist content online at a consistent rate and this is spread across a vast information ecosystem: it is disseminated to core followers via Telegram, before being pumped out into the mainstream social media space (via Twitter, Facebook and other leading platforms).”

Among its many findings, the report analyzed users from the countries where people are most often clicking on propaganda material IS and its supporters spread online.

The researchers said that between mid-February and early May 2017, users in Turkey had the most IS clicks overall, followed by the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the U.K.

Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, and Morocco rounded up the top 10, though Germany, another European Union country, came in at No. 11.

The executive summary for the report stressed that U.K. national security is “not winning the war online.”

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SOURCE: Stoyan Zaimov
Christian Post